Saturday, February 28, 2009

The nightmare of Chuck E. Cheese...and how I wanted to beat a skank down.

We took Miles and Lola to Chuck E. Cheese tonight. Several people have told me that C.E.C. sells beer. I should have looked into it, because I think I needed a sedative after, oh, about five minutes.

The place was packed to the gills. We had to wait a minute to enter and then we were seated by an employee. The place was just swimming with mainly whiskey tango families. I can't forget to mention the Stinky McSstinks. Literally, I was overwhelmed with the smell of sour crotch as I waiting in line behind some real nice yet hygienically challenged people. I had to take a step or two back, pretending to be just stepping back to see another game machine. The number of skanky white women with caked on makeup and children with stripper names was phenomenal. The number of men in desperate need of a haircut, a shave and and a toothbrush was something you couldn't ignore.

We battled the hordes long enough to accumulate 641 tickets, as we brought in 270 saved up points. We got in line to choose our prizes. A smart alec little boy, about seven years old, turned around and smarted off to Miles that he was in line first. Ohhhhhhhhkay. We weren't trying to cut. In fact, he kept lingering out of the line and then jumping back into place and we never said a word...but if you know me, you know I told Miles just to ignore him and not to worry about it since he kept getting out of line anyway. I didn't say a word to him. Now, not 60 seconds after he disrespectfully barked at Miles about her place in line, he invited someone to cut in front of her and join him in line. Really! Again, if you know me, then you do know that I did say something this time. Forget the fact that it turns out that the person he invited to join him was his sister. How was I supposed to know that, since no parent was in sight. He should not have smarted off to Miles about the line if he intended to disregard the line behind him.

I nicely said, "Ohhhhh, no, I'm so sorry, but you just made an ugly comment to her about the line, and you are not going turn right around and invite someone to cut in front of her when she is waiting her turn." I wasn't mean about it. I didn't raise my voice or act confrontational. I just said it nicely to make a point. Yes, I know I said it to someone else's kid. I wouldn't necessarily have said it to someone else's kid had there been a parent in sight.

A moment later, a skanky girl, probably about 22 years old, steps over and asks me if there's a problem, flashing a condescending grin in an attempt to intimidate me. The boy who seems about seven years old is her son, and it seems that the girl he invited to join him in line is her daughter, Destiny. DESTINY.

The 'lady' has long brown hair and an insane amount of caked on Cover Girl foundation coating her bad skin. She has been in a different line for prizes with Destiny. I say that I'm simply making sure that my child has someone watching out for her, as she was rudely told that she was behind him in line when she wasn't trying to cut, only to have him turn around and invite someone to cut in front of her and that I let him know that this wasn't acceptable.

I won't go in to all the details, but the girl repeatedly tries to ask what the problem was and why I said soemthing. After explaining twice more that he smarted off about my child's place in line, only to turn around and invite someone to cut line, I just tell her to find a manager if she has a problem with it, but that I don't owe anyone an explanation for taking up for my daughter and calling someone out for cutting in front of her, as the lines were already long. By this time, her bleached blond friend has joined in, smarting off and referring to me in third person, like I am not two feet away. I ignore it. They keep it up, antagonizing me to argue with them. I continue to ignore it as I help my precious girls pick out some sparkly combs, a stretchy ring and a stretchy bracelet. We decide to save 200 points for another visit.

We get our prizes and leave. I get a serious case of the stink eye as we pass the skanks on our way out. Phillip and I start laughing when we make it outside. He says, and I quote, "They all smelled like cigarettes anyway. Don't worry about it."

The point of this entry is that you can't even go to Chuck E. Cheese and expect people to have a small amount of respect for strangers. I don't even remotely regret that standing up for my child caused me to have a stare down with some skank. I am certainly not afraid of someone just because she's someone that would give her daughter a stripper's name.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Virtually March...already?

I genuinely can't believe that it is already March of 2009. It seems like it was just Christmas! It always amazes me to really sit down and think about how we live our lives day by day, with the earth moving beneath us. It is simplistic; the notion is one that we all experience and rely on. However, it still seems odd that time seems to be prolonged as it happens and then hurried in hindsight.

When I think about the fact that Lola will be three years old in less than three months, I wonder how she has managed to advance from a tiny newborn to a talkative toddler in what seems like no time. She has grown in leaps and bounds since the fall. Everyone makes it a point to mention how once you get her talking, you can NOT get her to be quite. It is very endearing, not obnoxious, but it is also so funny to see this small child articulate her feelings and desires so well. Today, a teacher at MOPS asked me how old Lola is. When I explained that she'll be three in May, the sweet lady told me that Lola was very well spoken and noticeably advanced for her age. Part of this is because I am very thorough in my explanations here at home. Part of the reason is also because Lola and her sissy, Miles, go to MOPS on Fridays, Sunday School and Awana's.

My sweet little angel, Lo-lee-oh, is just about potty trained. Now some people will say that this isn't a big advance considering that she is near three years old. However, she has been partially trained for a long time now. When Miles was two years old, she was potty trained. Then when Lola was born, Miles backslid and we had to go back to Pull Ups; I decided that this time, I just would not stress about it. I absolutely do not believe in pushing her, but rather encourage her, clap for her when she uses the potty and remind her that being able to wear panties 24/7 would accomplish her never ending attempt to be a big girl. Right now, she is upstairs, slumbering, in her tiny little underpants. I am so incredibly proud of her.

Furthermore, she has also recently explained to me that she has two mommas: Mawmaw and Memaw. I am apparently her 'mudder and Dusty'.

Miles will start kindergarten in the fall. We are waiting for the word, due this week, on whether she will attend McFadden, a magnet school, or Barfield, our neighborhood school. I would love to see her at McFadden, but I am not stressed at all about where she ends up. I know that 200 children tested for 40 spots, so if we receive a letter telling us that she's been wait-listed, it won't mean she wasn't 'smart enough'.

Miles is also noticeably taller than she was just a few months ago. She has a short little bob, stacked in the back. I get so tickled that she loves her hair so much! She loves to use phonics to figure out words in print, and she will clearly be an avid reader, just like her momma. I am so proud of this little girl's accomplishments and goals. As of now, she plans to be a 'better-a-narian', i.e., a veterinarian. We'll see how that turns out!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I went to the dentist today. I had stains behind my top center teeth that Dr. Shain noticed might be slightly 'sticky' at my last cleaning, so I needed two fillings. Truth be told, I had started using Listerine whitening mouthwash, which is supposed to loosen stains, so I wandered if maybe the stickiness was just front he loosening of the stain. (I drink way too many cokes. This causes the little creases on the underside of my teeth to get stained.) Anyhoo, I didn't even mention this, because I figured she would know if that was the case.

So I went in today and she told me that generally, people consider the shots that she would need to give me above my upper front gums to be some of the absolute worst, and she suggested that I try getting the fillings without the shots. She said it might hurt less than the shots. I went for it. I only felt the deep piercing nerve feeling three times, and each time it went away instantly, not lingering. Had the nerve feeling lingered, I would have wanted the shots right away! Shockingly, I was able to get both of my fillings without any pain meds. Yes! I hate the numb mouth feeling, and I managed to avoid it. It did give me a slight headache to feel all that vibration in my head, but otherwise, I am good to go.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday...

Tonight I made my very first homemade jambalaya ever using my dad's secret recipe. It turned out pretty darn good. I ended up with just a little too much red pepper, which translates to most people would think it had entirely too much red pepper. However, the flavor was right and the texture was fine. Good deal.

Have a fabulous Mardi Gras, everyone!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Wartrace, really?

So, it won't actually materialize, but Phillip and I found a beautiful home in Wartrace that we'd love to have. It was built in or before 1900 and sits a large lot in 'downtown' Wartrace. Just looking at the pictures make me feel like it could foster my aspirations as a writer of southern fiction! I can just picture my girls climbing the huge, old trees in the yard or playing Red Rover, Red Rover with friends on the lush green grass.

Like I said, it won't ever work out, but I can dream right? Actually, the price isn't the problem. The price is very right, but it would be 29 miles from my parents' house, which is something that I can not do under any circumstance. Yes, it makes me feel like my life would be right out of 'To Kill a Mockingbird' or could be written by Flannery O'Connor, but I can't be that far. I am well aware that some people will think I'm silly for that, but those people don't have my parents. My parents help me out so much with my kids, plus, I would totally panic over not seeing them as much. I can't move any farther away than I already am.


I am so happy that Heath Ledger won an Oscar! I also love Kate Winslet, so I was happy to see her win. However, that hair was terrible. I love vintage styles, but something about the color and the combed back look just didn't work for me.

The category winners that I really paid attention to were:
  • Slumdog Millionaire won Best Picture.
  • Sean Penn won for his role in 'Milk'.
  • Kate Winslet won for 'The Reader'.
  • Heath Ledger won for 'The Dark Knight'.
  • Best animated feature was 'WALL-E', which is awesome because we love that movie in our house!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

PS: an update on Sunday

Today was a better day! I got some jewelry work done, I listened to my Ipod in the studio and I enjoyed the beautiful sunshine.

Well tomorrow's another day...

For some odd reason, later this evening, I began to feel very melancholy about certain things. I found out that yet another neighbor had something stolen from his porch back in January, and it really made me dwell on how much I want a new house. I want a huge yard again, like our old house, and I want to feel safe that someone won't be sneaking up to my door to steal my belongings. I don't have the energy to focus on it right now, but somehow my mind wants to. For some reason, it is making me miss living outside of the city limits/in the country.

I also found myself missing my girls too much, even though the break is so needed right now during winter. Phillip and I went to Fuji and had a fun date, so why I'm focused on one evening wihtout them in a negative way is beyond me.

I think I am just overwhelmed this evening with how bad the economy is, how much I want a new house, how if I did decide to go back to work next year, all of the jobs that I see are offering like $9/hour, which is just ridiculous. That won't even pay me to work after I pay daycare and expenses for clothes, lunches and gas. I am just very blah at the moment, and I can't sleep.

Here's to hoping that I wake up tomorrow without these clouds hanging over me. I need to focus on the way that I am blessed to be able to stay at home with my children, how I have a decent house, a good car and a healthly family...but man, that is hard to do at this exact instant.

I just feel trapped by this terrible economy. Granted, there are some phenomenal deals on houses right now. (If you're in the market, tons of houses in town in good neighborhoods are under $200k for 2300 to 3000 square feet and decent sized back yards.)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday afternoon blues...

Oh my goodness. Today I thought I would lose my ever-lovin' mind if we didn't get OUT of this house. Miles, Lola and I met Mrs. Jennifer and little Mylie at the park.

While we waited for our friends, we had the pleasure of playing on the playground as a mother breastfed her baby. Why do I phrase this information in such a manner, you may wonder? Well, I will gladly tell you why! The lady was topless. Honestly, in a long skirt, socks and shoes with her bra folded down below her boobs and her shirt removed! After more people arrived, she went to her car and sat in the passenger seat, but still! I saw both boobs of a stranger without even remotely wanting to! Ahhhhh! She was just letting the sun shine down on her nude torso while nursing. Seriously, this is past the line of acceptable. I am not immature; I just don't think that it is appropriate to take your top off to nurse.

It got pretty cold, pretty both Lola and Mylie managed to fall on the slide and get 'hurt'. We decided to load up and ride up to the Wilderness Station for some indoor snake and turtle watching. The three girls went a little wild before they finally settled down and checked out the aquariums full of snakes, frogs, salamanders and such. The Wilderness Station offers Push-Ups and other ice cream novelties, but I managed to convince them to just let me buy a whole box of Push-Ups at the grocery store. Score one for me!

Miles and Lola both touched a king snake. Ahh! The lady made it a point to tell them to touch with just one, gentle little finger. The best part was when Lola tried to touch the snake, it took her about three times of leaning forward, almost touching it and then jerking her hand back, before she ever actually touched the snake. When she finally did feel the scaly skin, she smiled and calmly pulled her hand back before her body had a quick case of the shivers. She absolutely shook like she'd seen a ghost. She shivered so violently for just a moment and then giggled. It was intensely touching to experience with her. Just a little puddin', touching a snake for the first time. (I have never, now will I ever, touch a snake. She didn't get her bravery around snakes from me.)

After the park, I took my girls to Kroger for a little grocery shopping, which went just swimmingly, as you can imagine. $100 bucks later, we got home and cooked dinner before Lola had to go to bed early because she just could not stop whimpering and whining. I could not take it anymore! Ahhhhh! Somebody save me!! :) I am sure some of the other people got a little tired of hearing me scold my girls for climbing all over the top of the 'beep beep buggy', throwing things like powdered donuts into said buggy, stomping on the groceries and so on.

At least I can recall that just last week, I was complimented on my parenting by the local library staff. One night, I decided to take just Miles to Linebaugh Library. I had to get out of the house and I wanted some new novels to devour. Miles and I spent some time in the children's section before she escorted me to the adult fiction area to retrieve my selections. A time or two, Miles attempted to climb onto the library racks. I was unaware that we were on the same aisle as a library employee. I quickly reminded her that climbing on the shelving units was very disrespectful and to get down immediately. She quickly obliged, and she was so sweet for the rest of the visit. Anyhoo, the lady on the aisle made it a point to come and tell me that she did believe that I was her favorite mother to ever enter the library. {Golf claps!} I should remember this next time I am almost at my limit and take a deep breath and thank the Lord for generally well-behaved children.

P.S. I forgot to buy the Push-Ups.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I am absolutely disgusted right now. Just fuming. Just in denial. Just ready to strangle someone for the stunt they pulled today.

Last night, I was asked to donate clothes to a family that lost everything in a fire via FreeCycle. I went and got the Goodwill stuff I had already set aside and then went through my closet for more things. I gathered together a heaping laundry basket of nice clothes. Several pairs of pants and jeans still had $60 to $100 tags on them. Some jeans, some pants, a dress and a shirt had been worn once. Two shirts were still tagged, brand new. I can't remember what else I put in there.

I put the basket on my stoop at 10:05 AM in case the lady came while I was upstairs with the kids. At 10:18, it was gone. I had asked the lady to leave my laundry basket, so when it was gone, too, I checked with her. She hadn't picked them up.

Do you realize that this means that in about 12 minutes someone trespassed right on up to my front door and stole the clothes intended for a family that just lost everything? I really, truly hope they choke on their dinner tonight. They must be so proud of themselves. The truth is, whoever stole my laundry basket had no idea whether it was my personal laundry that I might be fixing to leave with or what. They just took it upon themselves to steal from my front door. I am disgusted with the piece of excrement that did this.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Wow! I haven't blogged in a while.

Last week we went to the park with some friends. Good times!

On Friday, I took Miles to McFadden School of Excellence for her pre-screening for the kindergarten program. There are 40 spots for incoming kindergartners, and we will find out in March whether or not she was selected. We really like the school's mission statement and historic feel but if it doesn't work out, she'll go to Barfield. We will be fine. We will live just a couple of blocks from her school and the earth will keep spinning. I would like to see her get accepted into the program at McFadden, however, I am not stressed about it. She was precious in her (pastel pink, yellow and blue plus navy blue) plaid Ralph Lauren dress and grey cardigan sweater with pink sparkly mary janes. That is a memory that I'll always hold dear, and that is what matters.
Then, Valentine's weekend was off the hook fun with family and friends. We had a fabulous time! Phillip and I had expected to go to J Alexander's on Friday night, but we ended up not being able to make it. My mom offered to let the kids come over while we went, but it was already too late to try to get organized in that fashion. We took the girls out to Arby's on Friday night and then to play soccer and ride bikes on Saturday before coming home to a spaghetti dinner and homemade Hummingbird Cake on Saturday night. Olivia and Noah came by for a little bit on Saturday night, which just delighted the kids to no end. Mrs. Mandy Candy Kelly and Mr. Neil spent the night at our house for some fun.

On Sunday, my precious Lola got all puny, developed a fever and just wanted a bath and the bed. She was such a little angel all sacked out there in her bed. She broke her fever easily and rested well. Mrs. Mandy Candy Kelly, Mr. Neil and Miss Olivia spent the night.
Monday was very lazy but we grilled out again and enjoyed the brisk weather from the warmth of our living room.
So there you go. Our recap since I last blogged...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

just in case you're looking for me on March 16th...

I'll be in section 3. Right by the B Stage. With my one and only BFFFFFF since sixth grade, Mrs. Vogeler. Look for us. We'll be the ones swooning over Jordan and Joe. Shea said I had to keep my sites set far away from Donnie, so I'll go back to my original one and only fave, Jordan.