Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday afternoon blues...

Oh my goodness. Today I thought I would lose my ever-lovin' mind if we didn't get OUT of this house. Miles, Lola and I met Mrs. Jennifer and little Mylie at the park.

While we waited for our friends, we had the pleasure of playing on the playground as a mother breastfed her baby. Why do I phrase this information in such a manner, you may wonder? Well, I will gladly tell you why! The lady was topless. Honestly, in a long skirt, socks and shoes with her bra folded down below her boobs and her shirt removed! After more people arrived, she went to her car and sat in the passenger seat, but still! I saw both boobs of a stranger without even remotely wanting to! Ahhhhh! She was just letting the sun shine down on her nude torso while nursing. Seriously, this is past the line of acceptable. I am not immature; I just don't think that it is appropriate to take your top off to nurse.

It got pretty cold, pretty both Lola and Mylie managed to fall on the slide and get 'hurt'. We decided to load up and ride up to the Wilderness Station for some indoor snake and turtle watching. The three girls went a little wild before they finally settled down and checked out the aquariums full of snakes, frogs, salamanders and such. The Wilderness Station offers Push-Ups and other ice cream novelties, but I managed to convince them to just let me buy a whole box of Push-Ups at the grocery store. Score one for me!

Miles and Lola both touched a king snake. Ahh! The lady made it a point to tell them to touch with just one, gentle little finger. The best part was when Lola tried to touch the snake, it took her about three times of leaning forward, almost touching it and then jerking her hand back, before she ever actually touched the snake. When she finally did feel the scaly skin, she smiled and calmly pulled her hand back before her body had a quick case of the shivers. She absolutely shook like she'd seen a ghost. She shivered so violently for just a moment and then giggled. It was intensely touching to experience with her. Just a little puddin', touching a snake for the first time. (I have never, now will I ever, touch a snake. She didn't get her bravery around snakes from me.)

After the park, I took my girls to Kroger for a little grocery shopping, which went just swimmingly, as you can imagine. $100 bucks later, we got home and cooked dinner before Lola had to go to bed early because she just could not stop whimpering and whining. I could not take it anymore! Ahhhhh! Somebody save me!! :) I am sure some of the other people got a little tired of hearing me scold my girls for climbing all over the top of the 'beep beep buggy', throwing things like powdered donuts into said buggy, stomping on the groceries and so on.

At least I can recall that just last week, I was complimented on my parenting by the local library staff. One night, I decided to take just Miles to Linebaugh Library. I had to get out of the house and I wanted some new novels to devour. Miles and I spent some time in the children's section before she escorted me to the adult fiction area to retrieve my selections. A time or two, Miles attempted to climb onto the library racks. I was unaware that we were on the same aisle as a library employee. I quickly reminded her that climbing on the shelving units was very disrespectful and to get down immediately. She quickly obliged, and she was so sweet for the rest of the visit. Anyhoo, the lady on the aisle made it a point to come and tell me that she did believe that I was her favorite mother to ever enter the library. {Golf claps!} I should remember this next time I am almost at my limit and take a deep breath and thank the Lord for generally well-behaved children.

P.S. I forgot to buy the Push-Ups.

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