Thursday, February 19, 2009


I am absolutely disgusted right now. Just fuming. Just in denial. Just ready to strangle someone for the stunt they pulled today.

Last night, I was asked to donate clothes to a family that lost everything in a fire via FreeCycle. I went and got the Goodwill stuff I had already set aside and then went through my closet for more things. I gathered together a heaping laundry basket of nice clothes. Several pairs of pants and jeans still had $60 to $100 tags on them. Some jeans, some pants, a dress and a shirt had been worn once. Two shirts were still tagged, brand new. I can't remember what else I put in there.

I put the basket on my stoop at 10:05 AM in case the lady came while I was upstairs with the kids. At 10:18, it was gone. I had asked the lady to leave my laundry basket, so when it was gone, too, I checked with her. She hadn't picked them up.

Do you realize that this means that in about 12 minutes someone trespassed right on up to my front door and stole the clothes intended for a family that just lost everything? I really, truly hope they choke on their dinner tonight. They must be so proud of themselves. The truth is, whoever stole my laundry basket had no idea whether it was my personal laundry that I might be fixing to leave with or what. They just took it upon themselves to steal from my front door. I am disgusted with the piece of excrement that did this.

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