Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Wow! I haven't blogged in a while.

Last week we went to the park with some friends. Good times!

On Friday, I took Miles to McFadden School of Excellence for her pre-screening for the kindergarten program. There are 40 spots for incoming kindergartners, and we will find out in March whether or not she was selected. We really like the school's mission statement and historic feel but if it doesn't work out, she'll go to Barfield. We will be fine. We will live just a couple of blocks from her school and the earth will keep spinning. I would like to see her get accepted into the program at McFadden, however, I am not stressed about it. She was precious in her (pastel pink, yellow and blue plus navy blue) plaid Ralph Lauren dress and grey cardigan sweater with pink sparkly mary janes. That is a memory that I'll always hold dear, and that is what matters.
Then, Valentine's weekend was off the hook fun with family and friends. We had a fabulous time! Phillip and I had expected to go to J Alexander's on Friday night, but we ended up not being able to make it. My mom offered to let the kids come over while we went, but it was already too late to try to get organized in that fashion. We took the girls out to Arby's on Friday night and then to play soccer and ride bikes on Saturday before coming home to a spaghetti dinner and homemade Hummingbird Cake on Saturday night. Olivia and Noah came by for a little bit on Saturday night, which just delighted the kids to no end. Mrs. Mandy Candy Kelly and Mr. Neil spent the night at our house for some fun.

On Sunday, my precious Lola got all puny, developed a fever and just wanted a bath and the bed. She was such a little angel all sacked out there in her bed. She broke her fever easily and rested well. Mrs. Mandy Candy Kelly, Mr. Neil and Miss Olivia spent the night.
Monday was very lazy but we grilled out again and enjoyed the brisk weather from the warmth of our living room.
So there you go. Our recap since I last blogged...


Casey said...

Sounds fun. I'm sure J Alexanders wouldve been crazy crowded on Saturday night anyway.

Scott Family said...

Your babies are georgeous!!