Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Have you seen the new Sesame Street E-books?

This is so cool! I can't wait to let Lola "read" some of the interactive/audio Sesame Street books on her computer!

Lola is four and a half; she'll have her magnet school testing in January. These e-books will give her even more confidence and site word experience. I mean, the listen and learn books highlight the words as they're read by the funny Sesame Street character. Thank God my girls have their own laptop (my old HP) because I would never get mine back from Lola once she sees this. And they even have a rotating selection of five books for free reading/listening. Pretty cool!

I will give you an update when we've had a chance to really dig into it...but right now I am loving this resource!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dear Asain spammers

I don't know which country you hail from, as I can't decipher your language symbols, so forgive me for lumping all Asain spammers together. However, it would be greatly appreciated if you would stop spamming my blog comments! None of my blog readers can read your advertisements anyway!

Just a little reminiscing...

One of my favorite blogs entries...

A blog about nothing by someone with opinion on everything.: The nightmare of Chuck E. Cheese...and how I wante...: "We took Miles and Lola to Chuck E. Cheese tonight. Several people have told me that C.E.C. sells beer. I should have looked into it, because..."

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Junior League of Murfreesboro: Event Detail: Hollyday Marketplace

For all of my art friends and shopping friends! Please plan to come out to support your local community on November 20th for the Hollyday Market hosted by Junior League of Murfreesboro. This is an event that gets better and better every year! I participate and love it, plus tickets are not expensive AND go to charity. It is far less for a ticket to our marketplace than to Christmas Village, plus you can't beat the location right near The Avenue.

Junior League of Murfreesboro: Event Detail: Hollyday Marketplace

Monday, August 9, 2010

Lola's little best friend...

Caywood Builders had a little fun entertaining some clients a... on Twitpic

In case you're wondering, that little buddy in the pic is Lola's main man, her age 4 bestie, her *potential* prom date in 12 years. One can only hope that they grow up to stay the greatest of friends. :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

I have just about had it OR up to my eyeballs in allergies...

I am breaking down tomorrow and calling an allergist. I can't take it anymore. Itchy eyes, stopped up nose, running nose, pain in my upper teeth, pain in my ears. Ugh. I need relief. Something strange has happened this year. I am just starting what may be my third round of severe allergies.

Last year, it became obvious to me that if I spent too much time out at my parents' home in the country, I inevitably got sick with bad allergies. If I spent way too much time, I got a sinus infection. Now this year, I have been terribly sick twice already and fear that I'll be worse tomorrow than I am today. This is really bizarre to me, as I am 34 years old and it just started.

I'd say that I've always had allergies that I thought were bad. However, last year I learned what true bad allergies felt like. And this year? Oh I certainly know for sure. So what causes someone to develope a severe seasonal allergy all of a sudden at 34 years old?! I do believe I will do the little spot test and find out. Daily Zyrtec doesn't cut it. I need the real deal, even if that means monthly allergy shots. Thoughts?