Monday, January 14, 2008

I get so lonely...

Today Lola started in on yet another round of puking and pooping. My mom came and got Miles so that I only had to deal with the sick child, not the happy, healthy, activity-craving four year old, too.

**Sorry, I got distracted last night. Anyway, the purpose of my title to this entry was because I was missing my Milesy girl soooo much!!

PS...I never got sick again. Keep your fingers crossed and keep on prayin'!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Still awake and I can't believe I forgot to mention this!!

Just in case you've been under a rock, LSU beat the crap outta Ohio State to win the BCS National Championship this past Monday night. When I say they beat the crap out of 'em, I don't exxagerate. I mean those poor Buckeye boys are probably still chugging some Pepto Bismal this weekend!! WOO HOO!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Since I am still awake...

I'll post a few pictures here...

First, Milesy with Mawmaw, who would want me to clarify that she did not want her picture taken lounging around with the grandkids on a sunny day without having a chance to go hot roll her hair...
Than Lola with her Pop Pop, who had been out in the woods, oblivious to their repeated screams of his name due to his suppossedly non-existent hearing problem...
Then, here is Leigh Ann, ready to ring in the new year and looking quite happy to see 2008. She wasn't drinking straight out of the champagne bottle, by the way.
Then we have one of my favorites, Lola on the back porch carrying around a makeshift chicken feed scoop. Like Pop Pop, like Lo-Lo...that baby wants to do everything Pop Pop does.

Another that I really like is this one from Christmas Eve...when they opened their gowns and Mickey/Minnie dolls in honor of our wonderful week at Disney in September.

OK, and I swear, just this one is Lola as repeatedly snapped, peaking back over the front of the double stroller, by Miles with her very first, very own digital camera at WDW in September!


Forgot one little thing...

Mark your calendars, because Big Brother 9 debuts on February 11th!!!

Apparently, I'm licensed to ill...

And I always thought that would be something to be envied, growing up. Blah. I was WRONG.

For the third week since Christmas, the dreaded stomach funk has made an appearance here in our household. Seriously.

First Lola showed symptoms. Then my mom reported that Milesy threw up at her house. Then it me before heading on to Phillip. Once we got out of the woods, we were extremely thankful to have done our time at toilet town. Or so I thought!

Then last week, once again, Lola began having terrible diapers, puked in the kitchen floor and cried wearily as I held her. Miles puked in our bed and then later in her own. Phillip had to excuse himself from work for a moment to go yak. Then back to me. You get the drift.'d have thought that would mean we'd paid our dues, but ohhhhhh no. Of course not. Miles returned to mother's day out this week...and apparently promptly got ahold of the germs again. Except this time, she wasn't affected. Poor Lola was. Her bed sheets had to be changed one morning. My pink tweed coat now needs dry cleaning; I can't even imagine how odd I'll feel pointing out the spots of baby poo when I drop it off. Phillip found remnants of Miss Poopy Pants' latest deposit on the rug. Nice! It is no wonder that we are having issues. As Phillip determined..."What I think this place needs is a good sanitizing!" Unfortunately that clearly didn't work.

So as I sit here, growing more and more tranquil from the Phenergan I just took, I reflect on anther round for him Thursday night and another round for me last night and today. I am so weak and, I believe, dehydrated, that I am beginning to get paranoid that if this thing doesn't go away and stay away, I'll end up needing an IV of fluid. I say that in all seriousness, as last year my sister was told that she had two choices: go home a drink a gallon of Gatorade in a few hours or go to the hospital for an IV, due to severe dehydration. I completely forgot for a minute there about my week spent with severe allergies, so I have really been though the ringer this past month.

Pray this thing is finally finished with my family, PLEASE!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

It is such a shame

We start 2008 with such sad news.

A woman was presumably abducted and killed in Georgia while hiking. Two teen sisters were killed by their own father in Texas for not following the religion of Islam because they were *gasp* dating boys.

Last year, we saw such terrible things such as the Omaha mall mass murder, the murder of a family of six on Christmas Eve in Washington state and so on.

Why can't we go back to world of my childhood, of 1984, when I was 6 or 7 years old and and things were all PYT, Boy George, Duran Duran and such?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sick/dropping temperatures

Our household has been sickly this week. We've all had the allergy funk on some level.

Then last night, the snow started. It hasn't stuck to the ground but it does start coming down quite steady every now and then. It is nice but my Lord, it is cold. I mean bone-chilling, hair-raising cold outside. I don't even want to leave the house. This is quite a statement from a road-runner such as myself.

NYE was fairly uneventful. We had fun but I was so stopped up with allergies, it was a struggle getting the gumption up to live it up too much. I just felt like sitting there in a Benedryl-induced fog, watching others enjoy the countdown. The kids spent the night at my parents' house, so it was a relaxing night in that aspect.

We went to Fuji for dinner on New Years night. It really started snowing hard when we were eating, so that was neat. Then we went and got the booboo's, since my mom said Lola had been standing at the back door whimpering, "Momma! Da-ddy! Mommaaa!" all evening. They were happy to see us, though just as I predicted, Miles did cook up a little scheme to try and spend another night before we left. We made her come on home with us and she fell asleep promptly in the car. Lola stayed awake but ONLY until we made it home and got her into her own bed.

Home sweet home. I guess that saying really did resonate that night.


I still can't believe it is 2008. This means a lot of things that just seem so strange. Here is a list of anniversaries of events that still seem so foreign to me.
This year will be:
  • Five years since I became a momma.
  • Six years since my wreck that created still-lingering chronic pain.
  • Six years since I started Brownbag Studio.
  • Seven years since I became a wife.
  • Nine years since I started dating my husband.
  • 10 years since I went alum from Chi Omega.
  • 10 years since I first worked at Main Street.
  • 12 years since I became friends with Casey and Missi.
  • 14 years since I graduated high school.
  • 14 years since I became friends with Kirby, Joyce, Leigh Ann, anyone else from freshman year at MTSU.
  • 15 years since my family first got "the internets".
  • 17 years since Emily Cox was killed in a car accident in high school. This one really boggles my time just passes such a tragic thing by.
  • 17 years since I got my license and started terrorizing Murfreesboro's streets.
  • 19 years since we camped out at Murphy Center for NKOTB tickets for the first time.
  • 22 years since I became an aunt for the first time.
  • 22 years since I moved to Murfreesboro.