Saturday, January 12, 2008

Apparently, I'm licensed to ill...

And I always thought that would be something to be envied, growing up. Blah. I was WRONG.

For the third week since Christmas, the dreaded stomach funk has made an appearance here in our household. Seriously.

First Lola showed symptoms. Then my mom reported that Milesy threw up at her house. Then it me before heading on to Phillip. Once we got out of the woods, we were extremely thankful to have done our time at toilet town. Or so I thought!

Then last week, once again, Lola began having terrible diapers, puked in the kitchen floor and cried wearily as I held her. Miles puked in our bed and then later in her own. Phillip had to excuse himself from work for a moment to go yak. Then back to me. You get the drift.'d have thought that would mean we'd paid our dues, but ohhhhhh no. Of course not. Miles returned to mother's day out this week...and apparently promptly got ahold of the germs again. Except this time, she wasn't affected. Poor Lola was. Her bed sheets had to be changed one morning. My pink tweed coat now needs dry cleaning; I can't even imagine how odd I'll feel pointing out the spots of baby poo when I drop it off. Phillip found remnants of Miss Poopy Pants' latest deposit on the rug. Nice! It is no wonder that we are having issues. As Phillip determined..."What I think this place needs is a good sanitizing!" Unfortunately that clearly didn't work.

So as I sit here, growing more and more tranquil from the Phenergan I just took, I reflect on anther round for him Thursday night and another round for me last night and today. I am so weak and, I believe, dehydrated, that I am beginning to get paranoid that if this thing doesn't go away and stay away, I'll end up needing an IV of fluid. I say that in all seriousness, as last year my sister was told that she had two choices: go home a drink a gallon of Gatorade in a few hours or go to the hospital for an IV, due to severe dehydration. I completely forgot for a minute there about my week spent with severe allergies, so I have really been though the ringer this past month.

Pray this thing is finally finished with my family, PLEASE!

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