Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Hanging tough

It is just a few days until tickets for the Nashville concert date for New Kids on the Block go on sale and I am getting antsy to go ahead and know already what kind of seats we'll have. I am spoiled. We used to camp out for everything and always had first row or maybe third at worst.

I always used to love Jordan, but now I'm just not sure if I like Jordan or Donnie more. Hmmmm. Donnie cracks me up in the videos he makes for AOL but Jordan has always been so cute. You'll be happy to know that they don't have their rat tails any more. All five guys are clean cut.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blue eyes in an elevator

A long, long time ago, 23 years to be exact, my title in life changed. I was no longer just the baby of the family or the pageant contestant/sometime winner or even the 4H member who should never have won a ribbon in the neat nightie making division, considering that my mother really made the one that I actually entered in the competition.

In January 1986, I became an aunt. At nine years old, it was a strange occurrence. I distinctly remember how hurt I was that I was not allowed into the labor and delivery ward to visit my adult sister as she waited for her baby girl. At one point, my mother allowed me to try to sneak in, but a nurse popped in almost immediately and gave me the stink eye, sending me scurrying back to the waiting room. I cried. My oldest sister Allyson was in her car, a blue 280 ZX, natch, laying down with a migraine. Dinky (Erin) was 12, so she was allowed in to visit Gin. Not me. Not little ol' me.

My sister Ginger had already spent one day at the hospital, only to be sent home when she just would not progress. Now we were back. January 21, 1986 would surely be the day. My mom and dad ordered a special wreath to decorate my sister's hospital room door after the baby was born. It was covered in pink satin ribbon and baby notions and had a banner that said "It's a girl!" John paced nervously around every time he came out to the waiting area. I complained and moaned every chance I got that it just wasn't fair that I couldn't go see Gin. I mean, everyone else was allowed to visit her. Everyone except me due to my young age.

We waited for what seemed like an eternity with a crowd building. Finally, they came out and said we had a beautiful baby girl. We were allowed to wait in the hall near the elevator for our first look at the baby, and soon the nurse would come out with her to take her upstairs to the nursery. The elevator was crammed full of family and friends there to see this miracle. Everyone loaded on, and Aunt Dinky and Aunt Dusty got to stand a protective watch over this new gift on her very first elevator ride. She stared intently back and forth between Dinky and me, like she knew us already. Big beautiful blue eyes. 21" long. No clue what the weight was. Cut me some slack. I was nine.

On January 21, 1986, Miss Brittany Lynn Salassi joined the world. I still can't believe our blue-eyed, elevator ridin' baby is 23. Now excuse me while I go bust a cry.

Happy birthday, baby!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rock of Love, part II

The former porn star that cries all the time is PSYCHO and she scares me. She sounds like Miss Piggy and she wails about everything. She lays in the bed sobbing and writhing about how it is so unfair for people to hold her past against her, yet she didn't bother did get her GI-normous breast implants removed. That might be a starting point if you don't want people to focus on your history in porn.

We won't be going back to Fulin.

I'm gonna keep this short and to the point, since I'm tired.

We went to Fulin Asain Cuisine today at The Avenue. We were there for an hour and 10 minutes. We asked for a to go box and our check as soon as we got our food. It took THAT long to get an order of vegetable fried rice and chicken curry. The fried rice was disgusting. So much so that I asked that it be taken off our ticket, which I never do. Our server was MIA for probably 25 straight minutes at one point. He was not a good server at all. We won't be giving it a second chance.

To recap, it took forever, like Phillip and I were getting antsy in our seats and way past wanting to just leave. The fried rice tasted completely foul to me and like seafood to Phillip, who thinks it had fish paste in it. GAG! The server was very non-chalant about the whole thing and quite dismissive of our bad experience.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rock of Love

I am so happy to announce that the new season of Rock of Love is pure craziness, full of hot mess after hot mess!! By the way, Brett Michaels wants us to know that "this sucks for him" to eliminate contenders BUT that if "you want the most hotest, out of control footage you've ever seen", you can find it at VH1.com. Oh. And he also wants you to know that his hair is composed of his own natural hair extensions and 'some of the finest hair extensions Europe has to offer'. Really. That's a quote.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

I can't believe it is 2009! This is crazy to me when I think about my wedding (2001); my childrens' births (2003; 2006); my high school graduation (1994); etc.

I find myself dwelling on things that bring me great sadness but then again, I am filled with joy that my family and I are healthy and happy in 2009! I sometimes have to deal with a much larger burden than many of my friends, since my parents are sometimes older than my friends' grandparents, and that always weighs heavily on me as time passes, but things are ok.


Currently watching Sicko...don't generally care for Michael Moore personally...but GOD I love his documentaries...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ringing in 2009!

Phillip, Miles and I just went out front and Miles and I yelled, "HAPPY NEEEEWWWW YEEEAAARRR!, " as loudly as possible! Sorry if we disturbed you, Charleston South/Savannah Ridge!