Saturday, January 17, 2009

We won't be going back to Fulin.

I'm gonna keep this short and to the point, since I'm tired.

We went to Fulin Asain Cuisine today at The Avenue. We were there for an hour and 10 minutes. We asked for a to go box and our check as soon as we got our food. It took THAT long to get an order of vegetable fried rice and chicken curry. The fried rice was disgusting. So much so that I asked that it be taken off our ticket, which I never do. Our server was MIA for probably 25 straight minutes at one point. He was not a good server at all. We won't be giving it a second chance.

To recap, it took forever, like Phillip and I were getting antsy in our seats and way past wanting to just leave. The fried rice tasted completely foul to me and like seafood to Phillip, who thinks it had fish paste in it. GAG! The server was very non-chalant about the whole thing and quite dismissive of our bad experience.


Stephanie said...

Corey and I had the exact same experience. The food was disgusting and the service was horrible. We could have told you not to waste your money...

Lindsay said...

you know they're just fulin you it's chicken right? or maybe just fulin you it's food period