Friday, February 11, 2011

If you got the hotline, please send 'em on up!

In my lifetime, my daddy has always been in good health. He got lots of physical exercise, never had a weight problem, etc. He'd complain about his 'gut', but he's a handsome, healthy man.

In 2004, he found out about a congenital birth defect. He had a valve in his heart replaced. Actually, his awesome doctors at St. Thomas replaced two valve and did a bypass while they had him in there, but he went in for one valve replacement. He had some complications and some hard days of recovery, but now seven years later, he seems the healthiest he's been since that heart surgery.

On Tuesday, they will be removing one of his kidneys. During a routine scan for his heart, they discovered a large mass in his kidney. It has to be taken out right away but luckily, it is isolated to the one kidney. The prognosis is very good; there is no sign of cancer in the lymph nodes, bones or blood. Theoretically, when the mass/kidney are removed, he should be perfectly fine. However, being a Believer, I would appreciate all of your prayers and thoughts that we do continue to receive good news and that there are no complications, etc.

The fact that we even know about this is a miracle in itself, and it gives me a level of peace that all will be fine. The mass was found during a scan for cardio health. My parents didn't think it was even time for the scan; my mom intended to see if the confirmation message was actually a mistake. When the doctor's office never got back to them, they went on in for the scan. The scan showed some spots that alarmed the staff. They ordered a different scan. THAT scan found the mass. We could have just as easily postponed the appointment due to timing or snow and not discovered this until too late. I have total faith that it was meant to be found because, as they say, the Lord's not finished with him yet.

I guess my true prayer request is that you pray for an easy recovery and fast healing.  Pray for minimal stress, for my mom as she waits for news on her husband of 47 years, for my sister as she flies from Oklahoma, my other sister as she either travels from Louisiana or waits for news at home, for my parents' dogs Butch and Lilly as they miss their Pop and his special attention...just pray whatever is in your hearts!