Sunday, November 29, 2009

My own version of people at Walmart

Friday, we really saw a big, fat redneck woman in too-small sweatpants and her man, who was a fat redneck (white, duh) guy wearing a black button up shirt, unbuttoned with wife beater, of course. On the back of the shirt was...a grey line drawing of Notorious B.I.G. with rhinestone accents on a crown on his head. At Walmart. Of course.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Because I want to be careful

Yesterday, I had my second mammogram ever. The first was in 2006 before my surgery. This time, I went on the recommendation of my fabulous OB/GYN, Yolanda McGriff. Dr. McGriff had mentioned to me before that my family history indicated that I should consider the testing for the breast cancer gene. The testing is very elaborate, and in order for insurance to cover it, I basically had to have a mammogram and meet with a surgeon to discuss my family history. This information will be documented as a true need for the testing, thus my insurance will cover the testing. Everything looked great on my scans, fyi. I have to go back in another day and have my blood drawn for the testing. Once I get the results, I can decide on my future actions.

More then likely, if I have the gene, the surgeon will recommend a bilateral mastectomy and replacement to drastically reduce my chances of developing breast cancer in the future. (Just to clarify, if I do not have the gene, I can still get cancer.) However, with the gene, I have a much greater likelihood of having breast cancer at some point in my life. The odds are like 55% to 77% or something. Dr. Baskin, the surgeon, said that based on my family history (three of my mother's sisters had breast cancer), I should already be doing yearly mammograms and if I have the gene, I also need an annual breast ultrasound. Wow! Isn't it crazy how far technology has come? So many lives could be saved if more people took these precautions like I am! Just something to think about...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Collecting Costumes...

Costumes are currently being collecting for distribution in 2010 to area children in need. Please visit this page for more info. Drop off location is Mills Family Pharmacy thru November 13th or contact me to make other arrangements. Used costumes are accepted, though you are encouraged to take a gander at the Halloween clearance if you're feeling generous! Our family donated three new costumes for a total cost of $5.22 by taking advantage of Kroger and Walmart's Halloween clearance tonight. Please consider contributing! Children will be selected to receive a costume based on teacher recommendation, Boys and Girls club recommendation or similar requests.

Monday, November 2, 2009

All up in their faces

I was just reading US Weekly. In it, a few "stars" claimed that they had nose jobs just because of medical issues and absolutely NOT due to looks. Now first, I should clarify that I don't give a rat's if someone wants a new nose. I wanted and got new boobs three years ago. Then I promptly gained 40 pounds, but that is a whole different subject. Back to the intended subject, I know one family member and more than one friend that had a deviated septum repaired...and none of them look different at all. Which leads me to the point that if you ONLY had it for medicinal reasons, then why does your nose look dramatically different? Exactly. Just own up to wanting a new nose, people. I would not personally mess with my face. Then again, I think I have good features on my face. I would absolutely mess with my flabby arms or double C-section abs. I'm just sayin'.

Second, I just read where Holly from that Playboy show Girls Next Door eats one fast food/junk food meal a day and nothing else but Raisin Bran. That is a horrible dietary influence on young girls!

I miss the early 80's, when chics were hot and still considered 'skinny' in a size 8 or even size 10 jeans. I mean, really. Next time you are with a friend who wears an 8 or a 10, look at them. They are NOT fat; they are slim. Some fo them might night be totally toned, but they are slim! Crap. I'm 5' 3", and when I wore a 9/10, I had no shortage of interested cute, popular guys. They liked the fact that I didn't look like a seventh grader. According to Hollywood, anything over a 2 or maybe a 4 is a total lard-butt. It is ridiculous.

I'm officially ashamed of my three year subscription to US Weekly.