Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sick/dropping temperatures

Our household has been sickly this week. We've all had the allergy funk on some level.

Then last night, the snow started. It hasn't stuck to the ground but it does start coming down quite steady every now and then. It is nice but my Lord, it is cold. I mean bone-chilling, hair-raising cold outside. I don't even want to leave the house. This is quite a statement from a road-runner such as myself.

NYE was fairly uneventful. We had fun but I was so stopped up with allergies, it was a struggle getting the gumption up to live it up too much. I just felt like sitting there in a Benedryl-induced fog, watching others enjoy the countdown. The kids spent the night at my parents' house, so it was a relaxing night in that aspect.

We went to Fuji for dinner on New Years night. It really started snowing hard when we were eating, so that was neat. Then we went and got the booboo's, since my mom said Lola had been standing at the back door whimpering, "Momma! Da-ddy! Mommaaa!" all evening. They were happy to see us, though just as I predicted, Miles did cook up a little scheme to try and spend another night before we left. We made her come on home with us and she fell asleep promptly in the car. Lola stayed awake but ONLY until we made it home and got her into her own bed.

Home sweet home. I guess that saying really did resonate that night.

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