Friday, August 6, 2010

I have just about had it OR up to my eyeballs in allergies...

I am breaking down tomorrow and calling an allergist. I can't take it anymore. Itchy eyes, stopped up nose, running nose, pain in my upper teeth, pain in my ears. Ugh. I need relief. Something strange has happened this year. I am just starting what may be my third round of severe allergies.

Last year, it became obvious to me that if I spent too much time out at my parents' home in the country, I inevitably got sick with bad allergies. If I spent way too much time, I got a sinus infection. Now this year, I have been terribly sick twice already and fear that I'll be worse tomorrow than I am today. This is really bizarre to me, as I am 34 years old and it just started.

I'd say that I've always had allergies that I thought were bad. However, last year I learned what true bad allergies felt like. And this year? Oh I certainly know for sure. So what causes someone to develope a severe seasonal allergy all of a sudden at 34 years old?! I do believe I will do the little spot test and find out. Daily Zyrtec doesn't cut it. I need the real deal, even if that means monthly allergy shots. Thoughts?

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