Friday, February 27, 2009

Virtually March...already?

I genuinely can't believe that it is already March of 2009. It seems like it was just Christmas! It always amazes me to really sit down and think about how we live our lives day by day, with the earth moving beneath us. It is simplistic; the notion is one that we all experience and rely on. However, it still seems odd that time seems to be prolonged as it happens and then hurried in hindsight.

When I think about the fact that Lola will be three years old in less than three months, I wonder how she has managed to advance from a tiny newborn to a talkative toddler in what seems like no time. She has grown in leaps and bounds since the fall. Everyone makes it a point to mention how once you get her talking, you can NOT get her to be quite. It is very endearing, not obnoxious, but it is also so funny to see this small child articulate her feelings and desires so well. Today, a teacher at MOPS asked me how old Lola is. When I explained that she'll be three in May, the sweet lady told me that Lola was very well spoken and noticeably advanced for her age. Part of this is because I am very thorough in my explanations here at home. Part of the reason is also because Lola and her sissy, Miles, go to MOPS on Fridays, Sunday School and Awana's.

My sweet little angel, Lo-lee-oh, is just about potty trained. Now some people will say that this isn't a big advance considering that she is near three years old. However, she has been partially trained for a long time now. When Miles was two years old, she was potty trained. Then when Lola was born, Miles backslid and we had to go back to Pull Ups; I decided that this time, I just would not stress about it. I absolutely do not believe in pushing her, but rather encourage her, clap for her when she uses the potty and remind her that being able to wear panties 24/7 would accomplish her never ending attempt to be a big girl. Right now, she is upstairs, slumbering, in her tiny little underpants. I am so incredibly proud of her.

Furthermore, she has also recently explained to me that she has two mommas: Mawmaw and Memaw. I am apparently her 'mudder and Dusty'.

Miles will start kindergarten in the fall. We are waiting for the word, due this week, on whether she will attend McFadden, a magnet school, or Barfield, our neighborhood school. I would love to see her at McFadden, but I am not stressed at all about where she ends up. I know that 200 children tested for 40 spots, so if we receive a letter telling us that she's been wait-listed, it won't mean she wasn't 'smart enough'.

Miles is also noticeably taller than she was just a few months ago. She has a short little bob, stacked in the back. I get so tickled that she loves her hair so much! She loves to use phonics to figure out words in print, and she will clearly be an avid reader, just like her momma. I am so proud of this little girl's accomplishments and goals. As of now, she plans to be a 'better-a-narian', i.e., a veterinarian. We'll see how that turns out!


Casey said...

All so very cute... and time does fly.

Scott Family said...

I know you are a proud mama! The months and years fly by- BUT THE DAYS ARE LONG!