Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why do we find random things that we love but can't replicate?

I am a wonderful replicator. I can often find a way to reproduce recipes that I like to much acclaim. However, we all have a few things that just really make us happy yet we can not ever seem to reproduce these things, right? Here are mine:
  • Stones River Country Club balsamic vinaigrette: Oh my. The best balsamic every. Little bit tangy, little bit sweet. Can't find anything close outside of the CC.
  • Fresh Express Ginger Sesame dressing that comes in their Asian salad kit: the perfect combo of flavors without being bitter. Yum to the max...except the kit cost $4.50 when it isn't on sale.
  • Fried pickles like they had at Puffing Billy's circa 1998-2001: battered to perfection in a thick, bready coating instead of a thin crumbly layer. I have tried everything possible and can not recreate that breading. The closest thing is panko, but panko is not what they used.
  • Pizza like Jet's or Pizza Perfect: a thick Sicilian crust that comes out crisp and delicious.
  • Honey mustard from Zaxby's: what is up with this one? Absolutely no honey mustard on the market has the perfect sweetness AND zing of Zaxby's!
  • Waffle house eggs: how do they make them so perfect when I can see them cooking them and they aren't adding anything out of the ordinary??
  • Demos' chicken and rice soup: I have tried recipes that I've found online, including the lemon juice that I know they add, but mine came out with a broth that is entirely too thick.
Anyway, can you tell I'm hungry but avoiding a late night meal?? All of the things on the list make my taste buds very happy and but wallet very empty. Maybe I need to try again!


Lindsay said...

Ohhh now I'm hungry!! You know, I really like that dressing they put on the salad at Fuji...mmmmmm. Love the last post by the way

Shea Brock said...

pizza from mitchell neilson elementary, or central....damn that was good...or the cheesecake from marinas...mmmmm