Sunday, December 14, 2008

A great night!

Wow! Tonight we went to the movies and saw Twilight! Phil and I both thought it was wonderful. The only thing is, now that he's seen the movie I really, really want him to read the book. There was so much more detail in the book, and some scenes were changed, as they always are. However, I liked the way the scenes played out in the book better. There were elements of the movie that were not part of the book that I loved, but reading the book is absolute must if you're going to watch or have seen the movie! Trust me!

I also went to an art show, Winter is Soluble by Mark Sloniker, at Magpie etc. Lots of fun was had by all...and when I say 'all', I'm referring to a nice little crowd that mingled! Phillip did some Christmas shopping while I went to Nashville for the show, and my girls are at my parents'. Tonight has been a really relaxing.

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