Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fun times at Wally-World

Well, not really. I did go to Wal-mart, this much is true. However, the level of fun experienced is questionable. Why does it seem that people lose all common courtesy when there is a crowd? I waited patiently for my turn to have a prime look at the available Campbell's soups, only to have approaching customers repeatedly give me the stink eye like I needed to hurry up and choose my cream of celery and stop trying to located the cream of asparagus. Apparently Wal-mart doesn't carry cream of asparagus. Who knew?

Regardless, I can't understand how people think they will go into Wal-mart on a Sunday afternoon just 11 days before Christmas and have a quick shopping trip, much less how they can pretend that they didn't know you were waiting to get your turn to retrieve a particular item off the shelf. The best is when someone just marches up and takes your buggy and moves it way away, like they can't wait 6.4 seconds for you to turn and place your merchandise in the buggy. No, 'excuse me', no attempt to bite their nails for 6.4 seconds. Just grab my buggy and moved it 10 feet they can step into the spot my buggy once warmed, mouth-breathing down my neck for a box of freaking Betty Crocker au gratin potatoes. It makes me think, "Oh! Watch out lady! You're tempting me to buy every last box of 'em if you don't back off for another 6.4 seconds!"

The lotion aisle was just as bad, with multiple groups of female customers clogging up the area while they endlessly chitter-chattered about random nonsense, not even looking at the lotion. They even giggled about how they were in the way...but didn't budge! For the love of Jeebus H. Christ, people, park and talk somewhere out of the way, not blocking an aisle or an entire genre of product!

I was a patient, courteous shopper, not hovering or mouth breathing on anyone's neck. I wait my turn, park my buggy as conveniently close yet out of the way as possible and I select my product as quickly as possible, even though other shoppers drive me bonkers. Learn from it, strangers!

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