Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree!

I keep forgetting to mention that we put up our tree last week! It is beautiful. We went with a tall, slender Alpine Fir instead of the usual tree with a larger diameter. I absolutely love it! It is so graceful, if a Christmas tree can be graceful.

I used unique silver and gold ball ornaments, other brushed gold ornaments with silver sparkling accents and some various Lenox ornaments intermingled with our favorite special ornaments (mostly Hallmark ones and a few others). The tree is covered in plenty of colored lights, and we keep it on from breakfast until bedtime. It is my favorite tree that we have ever had, since 1999 when Phillip and I had our first Christmas as a couple.

The girls had the best time helping me hang all of the ornaments and they stand amazed at the site of it every single day. There really, truly is something spectacular about the taller, more slender tree. The ornaments look so much more cozy and the tree feels vintage to me when I look at it.


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