Friday, December 12, 2008

Bothersome news

I am somewhat disturbed this weekend with all the coverage of the discovery of what we all know will turn out to be little Caylee Anthony's skeletal remains. I have felt all along that her mother certainly killed her; I'm sorry, but a real momma would be hysterically screaming and collapsing to the ground the instant that she realized her child had vanished...not waiting around a month to report it to police.

Then of course, you have the UT Body Farm identifying molecular compounds in the air samples from the trunk of Casey Anthony's car that are also present in the decomposition of human flesh. Then you have transcripts showing where she texted friends, referred to her child in more derogatory terms than seem necessary. Don't forget the computer hard drive searches that found that someone in the home where she lived had been researching chlorophyll, neck breaking, household weapons and more.

It is just that the details, such as the fact that duct tape was wrapped around the little skull's mouth area, are so bothersome. The fact that all along, this warped killer lived just 1/4 miles from the body. The fact that any momma could harm her own child is so terrible, I can't even fathom what kind of sociopathic monster she is.

I mean, I feel such a tremendous amount of guilt for giving my two kids a swipe on the butt for genuinely being repeatedly bad or disrespectful to me...and this person killed Caylee before tossing her into the woods in a garbage sack with her mouth taped shut. It makes me ill.

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