Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Do you remember those days of Vacation Bible School as a kid? I know some of you, specifically those that grew up in more rural communities, surely will.

We'd anxiously await the church bus, because you just had to ride the bus to avoid missing out on any fun times. Then we'd get there, have the little assembly, go to our rooms, play games, make crafts, maybe play the handbells, go to the fellowship hall for a few of those 'ring' cookies that look like flowers and some red kool-aid, head back to more classroom fun and then head home.

One of those crafts that I still have somewhere is a fish shape cut from wood with key hooks on it, painted red by your truly (and accented with a few stickers). It was a key holder for you to give your parents.

The best part was getting to choose a piece of gum or such out of a golden treasure chest...just for inviting a friend to VBS!!

Miles came home yesterday with her very first VBS crafty project. She is so proud of that necklace. Last night she talked on and on about how excited she was for VBS again. Tomorrow she has to bring $1 towards sending a soccer ball to countries where children don't get many toys. This will thrill her, as she loves soccer!

The only drawback is that you have to be four to attend unless your parent is a VBS volunteer, and since I didn't volunteer, Lola can't go. On one hand, it just breaks her little heart that Sissy is gone. on the other hand, she is loving every second of having me all to herself again for a few hours.


Casey said...

I definitely remember VBS... I LOVED the night when we would get purple kool-aid. mmm

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness! I totally forgot about the ring cookies and kool aid. It all came rushing back.

Angel said...

I loved VBS, the ring cookies, the kool-aid, the crafting for Christ! :)

I filled out my tagged thing, by the way. Thanks for tagging me :P