Thursday, April 24, 2008

Miles loves school

Miles may be able to start kindergarten this year! We will have to wait and see, but the school board is letting her take the spectrum test to see if she is gifted. If so, she will be allowed to start. If she isn't gifted, I won't be disappointed; she's still definitely smarter than many her age. They told me that she is the top of her class in writing and interest in reading/spelling at her little MDO program. I will be disappointed that she can't start school, since I know she is as ready as any child born 12 days before her. (She missed the birthday cut off by 12 days.) It is just a shame that she has to show that she is smarter than all the normally smart kids, i.e. gifted, to be able to start with them. She has to pass intentionally and noticeably harder test because of 12 days.

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Casey said...

Ahh... that is aggravating about the barely missed deadline.

Hope it all works out!