Tuesday, April 29, 2008

If your friend drives a white Jeep Liberty...

You might wanna go get her out of jail.I had an insane experience last night. Ran up to the Exxon for a Coke about 11.

Noticed a white Jeep Liberty with a flat/busted back driver's side tire and bent rim. The lady driving it came out. Tried to tell her about her flat. Realized she was absolutely wasted beyond wasted, carrying another 6-pack of Miller Lite. Yeah.

Tried repeatedly to show her that she had a flat, not even mentioning the dented front bumper and broken windshield. She reacted like I was the Wizard of Oz and she was...ToTo. Seriously. She was hopped up on pills and booze or something. Spacey. Uncommunicative. She ignored my warning and peeled out.

By the time I came out, cops were swarming and I flagged one down to ask if they were looking for her. They were. My husband said she drove up and down our street and through Charleston South screeching that rim on the pavement. Anyway, she was arrested at WT's Phillip's 66 on 231 S. (Long brown hair, age 23 to 34-ish, white Jeep Liberty with broken windshield, trashed front bumper, one jacked up rim.)

Only me, people.

Only me.

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Casey said...

That's crazy... I was seriously expecting some crazy confrontation considering the way things tend to happen with you (and me quite often as well).

Glad to know the police got her off the road. What a great place to get arrested at as well! haha