Friday, May 2, 2008

Something strange happened

Today on his way to work, Phillip had a strange experience. While on 24 West near Lee Victory Parkway, his driver's side window just shattered all over him.

The police department first said that it was likely a pellet gun shot!! Then they couldn't find the pellet so they said they couldn't be sure. He was shaken up a little and half a day late to work.

I have not left the house today, as he took my car to work with the car seats in it. Auto Glass Service came to our house and replaced the window. I was really impressed with the company. The lady on the phone was very professional and the man that came out was quick! Praise the Lord for no rain! They couldn't have fixed it at our house if it had rained!

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Casey said...

That is crazy! I cant even imagine how you would feel in a situation like that. I'm not sure that I wouldnt have a freaking heart attack on the spot.

There are times when pebbles hit my windshield and I jump like a crazy person.