Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day weekend is OVER?

My goodness, I can't believe this weekend is over already. I mean, it does seem like a nice long break; however, I just didn't want it to end.

Tomorrow my baby* starts mother's day out. Bitter sweet. I have been really excited...but tonight as I tucked her in I started to get butterflies and now I feel anxious and sort of sad. I am so excited for the break I'll get every Tuesday and Thursday but I also can't deny that she is just growing up so fast. it is really true that they are grown before you know it. I mean, for example, my niece Haley will be in college in three years! COLLEGE! Haley. In. College. It was just a couple of years ago that I got to leave Mrs. Marks' English class early one snowy day to head to Arkansas for her "birth" and now she is a sophomore in high school. I say "birth" because she was not born during our visit. In fact, we left my mom there and drove back home to Tennessee. My mom stayed that week and we went back and got her the next week.

But I digress. Back to this weekend, Friday night was fun. We went to Steak and Shake (turned out badly) and then to Toys R Us to get Skylar's birthday present. Then we ran over to Target and looked for Lola some crocs, but there weren't any for her little tootsies. (I bought some off Ebay for a much better deal later that night.)

Saturday was nice, too. We had Skylar's birthday party that night and after, I went to The Bunganut Pig for the Austin twins' birthday party. We made a fool of ourselves dancing and carrying on. Matt & Brian's dad was silly and he made us crack up dancing, too.

Sunday was lazy. Tanning bed, library, antique shopping for cameos, Kroger, Dollar Tree, home for a nap, Big brother!! Gotta love Big Brother. I love Dick and Danielle. I know people hate them.

Today, Monday, was fairly relaxing. We went to my parents' for lunch. The rest of the day was spent around the house. I need to get some stuff done, but I focused tonight on picking out an outfit for Miles to wear tomorrow, packing her lunch and getting her backpack ready. Pretty boring to some people, I know, but relaxing to me.

*Miles would not appreciate being called my baby, so if you could just keep that on the D.L., I would appreciate it.


Casey said...

Dick & Dicklet on Big Brother are--much to my chagrin--sitting in a good position right now.

One of my favorite quotes of this season was Jessica... "Evel Dick is gross b/c he burps & farts alot." And he is gross! lol

Stephanie said...

I didn't know you were all into BB8. Have you been to the spoiler site?

It's pretty good! I found it before the season started to see if I could get any good scoop...