Monday, September 3, 2007

Lady pills

Not to get all TMI here, but at the doctor's office last week, my doctor gave me some samples of some estrogen supplements. I have an IUD and apparentely this was kind of throwing me off hormonally and she suggested a tiny dose of estrogen. I can't believe how different I feel. I feel so much better physically. I am less fatigued and I don't feel as tempered. It is wonderful. I highly suggest it if you think you need it. Really. I just feel more leveled off and normal.

An IUD does not provide you with the daily hormones of taking a pill, so I was apparently lacking a little bit. And no, I am not saying I was growing facial hair or anything else gross. I just didn't feel good most of the time.


Casey said...

lol... come on and admit it... you are going to become the bearded lady.

Stephanie said...

you were straight up turning into a FREAK! I saw you buying those Shick Quattros last night at wal-mart for your grizzly adams-ass beard!