Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's another Saturday night...

We had so much fun last night celebrating Mrs. Mandy Vogeler's birthday. It was very low key and so relaxing. In the end, the boys went to bed (separately, of course LOL) and Mandy and I stayed up and giggled endlessly. Gotta love celebrating someone's birthday with her for the 22nd year of friendship.

Tonight we head over to Shea's house for a joint birthday party for Shea and Jen. It is a family fun party, but we will be there without the kids since Phillip's parents surprised us by inviting . Today, Aunt Melissa took Miles on an early birthday shopping spree! She got some new clothes, new shoes, a dress coat and a Build-A-Bear unicorn!

BTW, Neil just told us a hilarious story about water balloons in college. He and his roommate would leave the bars 20 minutes early so that they could make it back to the dorm room before the masses began to walk by after closing time. They would launch water balloons from their dorm room window using a huge slingshot apparatus that engineer Neil created, and his roommate would tell him when to launch. He would launch the balloon that inevitably soaked someone.

The thing is, they lived across the street from Greek Row, so the victims would always just assume that someone in a fraternity house did it. No one ever looked across the street to see these two guys roaring with laughter in a top floor dorm room window.

One night, a group of guys became enraged and began beating on a fraternity house door. Fire trucks and cops ended arriving to restore peace and Neil and his roommate stood around in the crowd just watching, trying to look innocent. It may not sound that funny now, but we all just fell out laughing like maniacs. I guess you had to see the presentation of the story in person!

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Mylie and Me said...

I love the new hair cut!! We must get together soon! Maybe after the rain stops we could go to the playground again.