Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Random fun

I already posted this on Facebook, but for those people still not on FB, here ya go:

ok I'm answering this but I am also listening to some mad beats as I type this and dancing while sitting, if that makes it any more interesting...LOL. I will apparently always be a hip hopper at heart cuz I can go wherever I like and going anywhere with me is one big fantastic voyage. questioning my lyrics? Check it out. I didn't misquote it. Just because it isn't the title doesn't mean it isn't a line in the song. :) And by now, surely you know that I'm serious but I'm also joking.

Do you eat food of the floor?
well not habitually

Have you done anything you regret in the past week?
Absolutely nothing to regret :)

Have you hit anybody in the past week?
UGH I think I probably swatted my child's butt for being bad one time...and don't even think about judging me for it if you don't have kids. :)

Do you like anybody right now?
well of course

Do you like weird food nobody else seems to like?
I am very, very picky, though I am sure that there is something. I do love artichoke hearts as a pizza topping.

Would you actually consider yourself a weird person?
I KNOW I am a weird person. :) I am also: artistic; extremely smart; classy, eloquent and well spoken when I'm not being silly; stylish; and genuine. So I'm ok with being weird. As I'm famous for originally coining this quote, I will say that a lot of idiots might think I'm a nerd, but I'd just die if I was an idiot, so we'll just call it even. My entire family is freaking hilarious. I'm talking holiadys ALWAYS end with everyone around the dinner table for a couple of hours and somebody laughing til the cry.

Has anybody in your family made fun of you?
I'm the youngest of four kids.

Have you ever been hurt emotionally?
Does the Pope wear a funny hat. We ALL have.

Have you ever failed a test?
yes but usually do pretty well with very little preparation

Have you ever lied to your parents?

Do you still lie to your parents?

Do you work for your money?

Have you ever lied about your age?
No unless a fake ID counts

Have you ever made fun of someone at school?
never for being disadvantaged, yes for being a douche. My parents would murder me if they found out that I made fun of someone for being less priviledged. I would have gotten a talkin' to about that. I didn't want to create a scenerio that resulted in a talkin' to.

Have you ever given out info on the internet?
not really but I have a blog

Are you angry at anybody?

Have you ever held a grudge?
absolutely but the recipient deserved it. Don't make me name names.

Do you spend your money for good use?
say what?

Have you ever cried over something really stupid?

AND SOME RANDON INFO that I am adding just for your enjoyment:
I took lessons in the following at some point in my life: piano, tennis, modeling, toll painting (that's the 80's crafty country style if you didn't know) and pottery plus foreign language (french) from age 5. Yeah baby, I was a pageant contestant and that meant you just had to take modeling. LOL! PS For the tennis, it was my mom, dad, sister Dinky and me when I was 15. It was my dad's idea that we do it as a family. LOL!

I am the youngest of four. My name was Amy when I was born but my mom called a nurse in and had my birth certificate changed when my dad went home to take a shower. Swear to God.

I got a trampoline one year for Christmas, a bb gun for Christmas in 2nd grade and a horse named Mandy in third grade. I think my parents were trying to create a Mary Lou Rhetton/Annie Oakley hybrid child.

I got my for real driver's license on my 15th birthday because my parents straight broke the law and took me out of state and lied about my primary residency.

The week I turned 16, my dad got mad at me for not picking up on a five speed easily with him sitting in the passenger seat screaming at me for stalling, so he told me to take my car out on Friday night and figure it out. I did but only after Sandy and I stalled out trying to back out of a parking spot of Sonic on Broad Street. I proceeded to drive around Murfreesboro like a maniac in a really fast car. I got a lot of tickets. I look back and wonder why in the world I didn't get the keys taken away from me?!?!?!?!?! At least I never got my Riverdale parking pass temporarily suspended for speeding in the high school parking lot, right Ayslin????? AHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry girl but I'll never forget it.

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