Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summertime in the city

Thus far, we've spent our summer days roaming around the zoo, splashing at a water park, going to the neighborhood playground, exploring and creating at the Discovery Center, visiting Mrs. Mandy and Mr. Neil's to sit around a campfire and look at the stars and going to the library. We managed to get out of the house more regularly and the kids are exhausted by bedtime! Yes! We've tried to catch fireflies and we've had a picnic underneath a big shade tree on the lush green grass. We've had Push Ups and fresh watermelon. We've picked flowers and investigated butterflies. This summer in the city is turning out quite well.

We're in the process of sorting through our clothes for Goodwill and decluttering as much as possible. Hopefully, we'll be able to sell our house soon and figure out where we go from here. I am not worried about it all. We just want a place with a bigger yard. I am not sure if we'll rent or buy. We are not even remotely interested in buying a place on the same day we sell this place, as we got burned by that three years ago. Considering that the economy is far worse now than it was in 2006, the risk isn't worth it.

We are just going with the flow. Phillip has to touch up the trim and I need to repaint an area over Miles' bed. When we have this joint sold, as in papers signed and closing behind us, then we will make a final decision. If that means that we have to stay at my parents house for a month, so be it. I will just be happy to have a nice big yard again. I miss my old house, though I don't miss the immediate neighbors to the right OR the neighborhood, as it has gone to pot. I just miss the ability to play out back with the girls. And they want a trampoline so much, and perhaps Santa can bring it this year if we actually have a yard to put it in.

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Lindsay said...

Dontcha just loooove summer in TN!