Friday, May 15, 2009

Papaw Joe's not sick anymore

Last week, Phillip's Papaw Joe passed away. It was an expected passing, but it was still his grandpa. We loaded up and headed to Shreveport, Louisiana, for the services. We got a chance to see his family on both sides, which was nice, and he served as a pall bearer.

At the visitation, Papaw Joe was wearing a pin on his suit that said "Official Hug Inspector". He was a greeter at his church and he was so loved that they gave him this pin sometime ago. At the funeral, several men spoke about his strong faith and his positive attitude towards life in general. Everyone seemed to speak so highly of his character. The truth of the matter is that Papaw Joe was very sick, so I'm pretty sure he's happy to be dancing with Jesus right now.

Papaw Joe was born in 1928. He served his country proudly, retiring from the US Air force, though he did not want a military burial. He was funny and loving though I've been told that he could be stern when discipline was needed. He was a daddy and a pawpaw and a great grandpa, too. He was a good person, and he will be missed. His wife, Phillip's grandmother, Mamaw Bobbie, passed away in 2006.

The last time I talked to Papaw Joe, he could not hear me worth a dang. Finally, he nicely but abruptly told me that his ride was there for Wednesday night church and he had to go.

I'm still glad I called.

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