Sunday, May 24, 2009

It must be a mystery! OR how we celebrated Lola this year....

How can it be that over three whole years has passed since I held my baby, Lola, for the first time? Was it really just more than three years ago that I sat in Outback, trying to eat a good dinner before a c-section scheduled for the next day, and tried to ignore my contractions? That just blows my mind. Lately, Lola likes to walk around the house and announce that certain things just must be a mystery. I'm so glad my baby likes Scooby Doo just as much as I did.

That precious, cheeky baby came into our world on May 18, 2006. We are so proud of our big girl these days, but it sure is bittersweet to see another year pass. Of course I am happy to be done with Pull Ups. But Lola is a big girl now, and she doesn't need my snuggling as much.

This weekend, we celebrated Lola's third birthday with a party at her Mawmaw and PopPop's house. Her best buddies came out to the country for a day of celebrating. They swung, they ran, they drove the Barbie jeep...

It was such a phenomenal day. Oddly, I felt like it was the best kid's party I've ever thrown. I loved the relaxed atmosphere that my parents' house allowed. We were way out in the country, surrounded by tall trees and green grass. Everyone was very comfortable and we laughed around the dinner table. I just realized that I forgot to tell my friends that the table we gathered around was the same antique wooden table that I grew up eating dinner at everyday.

Jen, Mandy and Shea all made the trek out to good ol' Unionville. Phillip was excited that their husbands came, as well. When it came time for Coen to leave, he cried. It only took a second to come up with a win/win solution. I told Shea and Denton that we'd just bring Coen home in about two hours. They were really worried that he'd have a meltdown, but we insisted and they let him stay. He was perfectly precious...not a problem in the least. In fact, after he took Lola muddin' in the Barbie Jeep, they swung together and then we all gathered around that same old wooden table and shared a perfectly ripened watermelon. Oh, Lord, what a cliche this must sound like!

By the way, when I say Coen took Lola muddin' in the Barbie Jeep, I really just mean he drove her through a mud puddle! Furthermore, those two were a hoot, riding around the yard like two teenagers! I had to yell to Lola to sit down, as she stood up and egged Coen on. Some memories are absolutely made to be remembered until the end of time.

Today was one of those memories. You know, it is funny, but it felt really nice to have those particular people together in one place. We might just have to make a habit of this.


Casey said...

That sounds like a fun party. It is absolutely adorable that she says things must be a mystery. I love it! Cant believe she is 3 already!

Jen said...

Such a great day. Happy Birthday Lola! This was really well written Dusty - I loved your words and the way it captured the day.