Friday, April 10, 2009

Site changes

So tonight I did something that I've been debating since October. I changed my website. The dilemma involved came to fruition when I had my hard drive replaced in the fall. My hp laptop #2 crashed. Somehow, only a portion of my files were lost. Sounds great...except the missing items included my 'checkbook register', my files for my site and some priceless pictures (Walt Disney World and more!)

Phillip has worked on a new site for me using more professional programs like GoLive, but he hasn't been able to prioritize finishing it lately, as he's been doing a lot of ads for a specific company. My new site is not finished, but the website has been outdated since late fall. I can't make quick changes and re upload the ftp. I lost the files. This means that I had to decide whether to leave the outdated site up, or to upload a new, simplistic site for use until Phillip finishes mine. I finally went with uploading a new, simplistic site for temporary use.

Though it isn't as visual as my previous version, it includes all of the same info, but with new photographs of current merchandise for the Spring/Summer 20009 season. I decided that it was worth to me to show my new work than to have the older site with all of the styling, just until my new one is done. I have seen a preview of the redesign and I absolutely love it! I can't wait to see the finished product.

If you've never been to or, check it out.

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Jamie said...

Your stuff is awesome.

My hubby does almost the same thing as yours. Pretty cool!