Friday, April 10, 2009

Last week

I have never had a chance to explain last week. Ugh. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Phillip got deathly ill on Sunday night, couldn't really be out of the office because the only other person that could do his job was on vacation, went to work, came home, suffered through Tuesday and Wednesday at work, went to the doctor on Thursday and then on to work, stayed home sick Friday. *exhale* Plus the kids were in rare form because Daddy was basically MIA sick in the bed non-stop when he was home.

On Tuesday, I had a MOPS steering meeting. On Wednesday, I took Lola to the doctor for an infection on the skin behind her right ear. Then Friday, I had a regular MOPS meeting. On Saturday, I had a Junior League retreat and later, an Easter egg hunt at Shea's.

I really think I should just not look back on it again.

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Scott Family said...

Oh my! I am so sorry! Sounds like you have had a crazy week!! BIG HUGS!!