Saturday, October 25, 2008

Troxler's place

Thursday night we went to see Ben Troxler's new East Nashville home! It was so neat and we had a fun time. I love the back-splash in his kitchen, which is made up of many tiny 1" or so tiles in a great mix of earth tone colors, from sage to taupe to brown. Sweet! I also can't forget to mention how much I fell in love with the antique table that he bought for his kitchen. It was fabulous! Beyond words! Very long, probably 10', with dark stained legs and a lighter stained top made of loooooonnnnnngggg planks of wood on top. Gorgeous! Then again, what DID I expect?? It's Troxler!

For his little open house, shindig, I gave him a JLM cookbook and Mandy gave him a gift card...and a little black boy cherub praying statue and a Jesus night light. He loved it all, I am sure, since he's so gracious.
(Mandy and Ben at her wedding)

We came real close to heading to Lipstick after the party split up but then we decided just to head back to the 'boro.

PS Isn't he freakin' adorably hot????

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