Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thankful for a lot of things

Even in tough economic times like these, we can find things to be thankful for if we try. i am thankful for my parents, who often offer unexpectedly to let my children come out to spend the night at their home. Yesterday afternoon, they took Miles and Lola to meet a three week old baby calf at Mr. Harold's house. Lola wouldn't touch it, though just the day before she begged to pet "the cows" at his house. Miles, though, did pet the soft baby calf and even fed him his bottle of fresh milk! How sweet?

I am also thankful for my husband's parents, who spoil Miles and Lola with undivided attention and special, unexpected treats like McDonald's and the playground. Memaw Joan lets them get away with murder and eat like they're on an all inclusive cruise, but that's what Memaw's are for, right? Papaw, according to Miles, saves all his money (i.e. his change) and gives it to them for their piggy banks.

Tonight they got to Memaw and Papaw's in Franklin so that Phil and I can got to the Pred's game with Casey and Hal! They can't wait! They've been counting down the time until they arrive in Franklin. In fact, I must have been asked 12 times Friday if it was time to go to Memaw's yet!!

PS I am secretly hoping to convince the boys to go to SATCO! LOL!

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Casey said...

Umm... I guess we are on the line to go to Satco, eh?