Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Miles: Stop doing that, stupid!
Me, hollaring from the studio: Ahem! I better not have heard someone in the other room call someone else stupid.
Miles, hollaring from my bedroom: Sorry, Momma!
Lola, running into my studio crying: Mi-sey call me tuuuuupid, Momma!!
Me: Go back in there and tell her that she better not call you stupid again and to leave you alone.
Lola: Mi-sey, don't you call me tuuuupid a-gain!
Miles: Well Lo-Lo you better not ebber throw Blueberry on the floor again!

So there you have it. Apparently that fight started over Lola throwing Blueberry down and then Momma Bear Miles got defensive and called Lola stupid, after which Baby Lo-Lo comes and tattles to Momma that Miles called her stupid. You have to dissect these things to get to the real bottom of it.

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