Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The bachelorette weekend

The weekend was an absolutely amazing experience. The bride, her sister and I laughed the entire time, I earned the nickname "Grace" by flipping myself out of a raft and half under the dock, I cooked three biscuits and a tiny bit of bacon for just us at 3AM, we both got the Sparx shakes on Saturday morning, we swam in the Tennessee River, I nearly lost my top climbing back into the boat, we pumped our hands in the air as we sped across the lake screaming along to some old rock and some new hip hop, we ate well, we tried desperately for two hours to blow up a big raft that unknowingly had two holes in it, we giggled much, we stretched the drive home into a six hour drive from two hours by site seeing and antique shopping...and then we grilled ribs at home that night with our main squeezes. Not everyone had as much fun (due to their own choice to focus on being catty) but we had an amazing time.

First, the bride trying to inflate that raft with the holes in it. Below, throwing signs somewhere in Alabama or Tennessee while wearing bonnets. Last, the bride and her sister, Penny, pitying da fool at Stan's Restaurant near Pulaski.

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Casey said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I wish there was video footage of the boating ordeal.