Monday, June 16, 2008

Timothy took a picture of Little Richard!!

A continuation of sorts to my original Little Richard experience found here!!

Whoooooooooooo took a picture of Little Richard? I'll tell ya who! Timothy took a picture of Little Richard!!

His story: I can attest to the, um... involuntary zombie-like stalker state an unexpected encounter with Little Richard can put you in. For I, was abducted too! Sort of. I mean, It's kinda like being abducted right?

Here's how I remember mine....

Walking out of the Nashville Hilton on saturday morning. A little hazy from the honky-tonking the night before.

And out of the corner of my eye, I see this shimmering gold object, bright as the sun! Instantly, my body moves towards this object. (why?) I am alert now....adrenaline pump-ING! (what is happening???)

Before I know it I am 15 feet in front of "thee" Little Richard. And he is amazing. So much information to take in, green gem stone shoes, perfect hair, the smell of hairspray, that little moustache, all wrapped in this shiny gold suit ...he looks good, but is on crutches.....and would you know?

Not that little in person, sort of average-sized. Anyways, My hand is outstretched with an object pointed in his direction. It's my camera!(where did that come from?)

I hear him say in his awesome Little Richard voice, "no don't, I don't want people to see me this way."

I click...It's like a dagger in my heart, I'm a jerk. But hey, It's a digital camera, no flash, Little Richard doesn't know that I got one off. So I quickly put the camera down and say "okay...oops sorry!"

I still remember him as it was yesterday, Little Richard leaning on his crutches against his Escalade with hands close to his face in a paparazzi proof defensive pose. I say encouragingly, "you look GREAT Little Richard!" (who am i??)

He responds with the facial equivalent of the four finger wave you mentioned in your post, (probably a little more annoyed) which informs me to (kindly) beat it. Which I do.


Casey said...

Love this story... awesome.

Jenkensing said...

He looks so tiney!!!

Isn't he hot in that get-up? LOL

Angel said...

Love. it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dusty...I just tagged you!

Your turn...Have fun...

jenkensing said...

I come back to this blog every now and then just to get a good laugh out. Probably atleast once a month. LOL I still love it. And you.