Friday, October 5, 2007

Six years

So tomorrow is my sixth anniversary. Sometimes it seems so strange that so much time has passed. I have a hard time remembering how detached I really am from college life and irresponsible living.I guess it sort of reminds me of Green Day's lyric, "I hope you had the time of your life." I did. And I am sooo thankful for that. I learned so much in that time frame. Yeah, I learned some super hard notions. I also just learned a lot about people. Looking back, I can't help but praise the LORD that I didn't fall victim to a serial killer or something. Then again, I had the greatest group of friends to watch out for me.
  • I learned that no matter how much you think you love somebody, they might be gay. ;) BUT that you can love them just the same because they are worth soooo much more to you than what you wanted them to be in college.
  • I learned that no matter what you learn in psychology, people will amaze you with their abilities to be psycho while hiding it (not talking about the same person here!)....and how to screen their calls.
  • I learned that Krystal chili pups minus the weiner are NOT something you should eat if you have had a little too much poison...cause they burn coming back up.
  • I learned that people have no clue who is really pro-choice vs. pro-life, much less people knowing themselves where they'd stand if in those shoes. (Friends go through a lot with each other and know each others' secrets.)
  • I learned to never say never.
  • I learned that you can't let a psycho b-word to come between you and friends over your husband. (I stupidly let myself feel weird around mutual friends who make it a point now to ask why the heck I acted like they wouldn't want me around anymore just because I found an awesome boyfriend/future husband.)
  • I learned that you should always check and make sure that the friend's car that you are driving doesn't have expired tags.
  • I learned that money isn't everything, the hard way. My parents' had some bad business deals/investments that left me a little less spoiled and it was hard. But I made it...
  • I learned to never trust a DIVA to protect me from an impending tornado. LOL CASEY!
  • I learned that the guys that make the biggest deal of themselves are really the guys who are up to their eyeballs in debt paying for everyone's drinks.
  • I learned that Natch taste as good as anything after the first few.
  • I learned not to report your car stolen until you are SURE it was stolen.
  • I learned that friends do not replace family.


Casey said...

Congrats on the anniversary!!! It seems like yesterday that we were on the lawn of Oaklands.

This is a great blog post of life lessons. Hindsight is obviously always wiser... In a sense, it's unfortunate that we all are confused and/or have clouded judgement when we are younger, but learning from those experiences is what makes us better people.

FYI... in case of a tornado... my instinct to protect myself comes first... (when I'm around adults--I really think it would be different if there were children around, but hope not to find out)...

Happy Anniversary!!!

The Honorary Deacon Dixie LaRue said...
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The Honorary Deacon Dixie LaRue said...

That was meant as a joke, of course! I know you never meant to knock anyone down on your way to the bathtub. The best part is knowing that we called 911!! That really was a fun night, though. I'll never forget it!