Monday, October 15, 2007

I normally hate commercials...

Saturday night, while bored, I decided to do something that I had meant to do for a while. I took a few minutes to go to a talent agency website in Nashville and submit an application for each of my children. I uploaded pictures and waited to see if they were accepted.

On Sunday night, I received an email saying that both had been accepted and that I would be contacted in the event of a possible job. Tonight, as I got ready for bed, I checked the caller ID. I don't know why; I was home almost all day! Anyway, there was the name of the agency staring back at me.

I hurriedly checked my messages. There was one from them! Expecting them to simply be checking in, welcoming me or such, I listened anxiously. Imagine my disappointment when I heard the lady say that they wanted Lola to come in at 4:30 for a St. Thomas Hospital commercial. How I missed the call is beyond me, I was at home! Grrrrrrr! It was short notice BUT I had only registered them the day or two before.

From now on, I will be watching that phone like a hawk. LOL.

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Casey said...

Aww... what bad luck... I'm sure they'll call again soon.