Monday, October 1, 2007

Exhaustion, part deux

As of last night, I felt like I was doing a lot better. Much less exhaustion and more energy. Then came today. I was wrong. I straight up thought I might fall right out in the floor of Lowes today because I found it so hard to keep my head up. What's up with that??

So on Saturday, I met up with Kirby and Joyce. Their kids are super cute, and it was nice to hold them, though little Don cried for me. :(

None the less, the weekend flew by much too quickly and now I am already anxious for another one. Poor Phil has been sick with some degree of a cold and headaches.

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Casey said...

What a fun time to hang out with Joyce & Emily and especially their newbies!

Time to kick your exhaustion though, Amy Winehouse (j/k)... WDW vacation is over :)