Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weekend, how can you be gone so quickly?

This weekend is over and I am so sad. i mean, Friday was just yesterday. Not literally, but it seems that way!

On a good note, I sold a travel system on Craigslist and think I have a Travel Lite bassinet sold, too! Yippee! I now love Craigslist.

I did get our shower curtain up the other night. YAY. We can use our own bathroom again. it looks nice. It is 'brushed bronze'. Fancy!

Lola has busted out with several new words this weekend. Yesterday, I scolded her, "no, no, Lola. No climbing up the stairs. You need to get your booty back down here right now." Do you want to know what she did? She said, "Bad! Bad! (pause) Bad! Bad! Bad!" Then when Phillip tried counting to stop one of them for doing something wrong, he said, "One. Two." Before he could go on, she flung that little arm up, pointed at Miles and screamed, "Three!!!!!" It sounded more like "tree" but is was still "three"!

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