Wednesday, August 15, 2007

So, let's see...

Today's highlights include buying a new showed curtain rod and liner since ours collapsed and broke last week. Problem is, I forget to buy more clips, and some of the metal clips didn't survive the fall. Doh! So now I have my lovely rod but can't hang my curtain. This makes me so irritated. UGH!

Another highlight included when Milesy fell in Walmart and slammed into the ground chin first. It was horrible. She immediately--like by the time I could grab her up off the floor--had a bruise under her chin and a large red puffy spot surrounding her whole chin. I felt so bad. The floor wasn't wet or anything. She just missed her little step and went flinging forward. Ouch!

Yet another part of our day to remember is of Lola in her new gown. Buddy she is proud of that gown. It is green and long sleeved with little monkeys all over it. Precious!

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Casey said...

Ahh... a nasty spill in Walmart... ouch... I'm sure there was plenty of crying along with that--rightfully so, I'm sure.