Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This is sweet.

Today we went to Kroger around the time Phillip was heading out from work. Now first and foremost, in case you don't have children, let me explain something. They know, people. They have a little mind clock that tells them exactly what time someone should be home. They start anticipating Daddy's arrival home precisely one hour prior to his arrival, which means right about the time he departs the office. Anyway, this is sweet, but can spell disaster when he is late. They have a T-total meltdown when he doesn't come Hi-Honey-I'm-Home-ing it at 6 PM sharp.

Anyway, today we came in the door from Kroger right around 6PM, and heard a noise that sounded sort of like my cell phone. It was actually my set of hummingbird wind chimes, and I quickly realized this, but Lola did not.

As her tiny little almost 15-month-old butt toddled in the door in front of me, she, too, heard the chiming. She, too, thought it was my phone. Her instinct kicked in that he would be home soon, if not already, and in the funniest moment all day, looked up, around, every which way, while craning her little neck. Then she begin to announce loudly, with one fist to her ear like she was holding a phone, "Lo? Da-ddy? Lo-ooooo? Da-dyyyy? Lo? Da-ddy?" ("Lo" was short for hello, like she was answering a phone!) By the way, her little fist was up to her left ear with her thumb cocked out, ready to suck at any second if he didn't reply!

It was worth a million bucks as she investigated the living room and her empty hand holding her imaginary phone, looking for Da-ddy's voice on the other end or in the house somewhere.

Bless her heart. She is a sweety, I tell you that much is true.

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