Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My birthday

I keep forgetting to tell everyone what I did for my birthday.

On Saturday night, the day before my birthday, Phillip (old nickname P-Funk), Missi (still nicknamed Missi Misdemeanor) and I (Dust) went to Fuji for hibachi! Yum! This is something I really wanted, but Miles is afraid of the flame as of the last two times we went. My mom called before lunchtime and offered for the kids to go spend the night, so that was really nice of her. After, we went to Missi's new house and chilled. Her boyfriend, Matt, came over after he got home from Nashville and we hung out til kind of late. It was fun but we all kept yawning. We really are getting on up there, I guess, LOL.

Anyway, on Sunday, we went to golden Corral for lunch and then visited with Phillip's parents before heading home for a brief nap. (My allergies has been flaring up like crazy since before Fuji, thus I had taken a LOT of allergy medicine and was exhausted.) After our little siesta, we headed to my parents' house for dinner. My mom made me swiss chicken as the main dish and a chocolate cake with white icing. It was a great day!

Oh, and Phillip bought me a HUGE crocodile print black purse and matching wallet. It is cool.

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