Wednesday, August 29, 2007


The time has finally come. I almost have my own dedicated studio. All of these years, I have worked in my kitchen or living room of my house with things thrown around everywhere, making a total cluttered mess of my abode. No more. As of the past couple of days, I have actually accomplished setting up my studio upstairs. Finally.

This is a huge deal to me, people. I have my OWN area of the house where things can permanently stay AND they aren't in the middle of our living area. No more mountains of beads, huge work table or mannequins making it hard to get into the utility room. No more bumped noggins on the corner of my table, all in the name of trying to sneak a juice box from the fridge. No more feeling mortified when someone comes over, since my normally large kitchen had become a tiny perimeter surrounding a jewelry studio.

I am so happy.

Things are going VERY well. I have a meeting with Reeves-Sain next week about my jewelry and I am already confirmed to put my stuff in Leslie's Shoppe in the next week or two. This is a big deal. I really, really need to be able to make a somewhat dependable monthly income on this "hobby"; these developments definitely point me in that direction. I also got so much publicity from the MTSU Pigskin Preview. It was worth every penny of being a sponsor.

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Casey said...

That is very exciting... yeah, studio! I'm sure it's very nice to reclaim your kitchen/LR.