Sunday, August 26, 2007

last night

We had a lot of fun at the MTSU thing. It was fine for the first two hours but then it began to pour huge drops of rain and people went pouring into the hosts' house! Thus the party was over because it was a large crowd. My door prizes were a great thing because the man kept announcing my name and Brownbag Studio and commenting that it was some beautiful custom made jewelry, yada, yada. I was very pumped! There was also a sign with the sponsors listed and my name was listed as Dusty Brown & Brownbag Studio. They spelled it right! YAY!

After it was over, we ran home and Phillip changed shirts since he was soaked. We headed over to Bluesboro where there was a party for Beth Murphy's 30th birthday. We hung out in the little private room off to the side, so we didn't have to fight for seats or sit in the middle of a dark, smokey area. That was a big improvement. Sometimes it can be terribly hard to keep a seat in that place. Plus I don't think we reeked of smoke nearly as much as normal.

I made some great contacts last night. I met a friend that I had never hung out with before and she was super funny and cool. I also got an opportunity to talk to Leslie from Leslie's Shoppe. We had talked briefly a few times and she was uninterested in selling my jewelry, but after last night...BIG NEWS HERE...I will be selling jewelry in Leslie's Shoppe. I am super stoked. This is the opportunity that I have been trying for since last year! Things are really falling into place for me. I have gotten a lot of good exposure lately.

I have a good feeling about everything right now. Today and tonight I worked really hard to get most of my jewelry stuff moved upstairs into one of our bedrooms. We are turning it into my studio. Right now, the kitchen has become my studio and it was totally cramping us. Hopefully this will make me more productive. We''ll see!

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