Friday, August 24, 2007

Oh, Big Brother, how I love thee...

I just love that show. I wish it came on year round. REALLY! It is so addictive. I am a what-if kind of person. I am also most likely to keep up with programs that are not just once a week. I have a hard time remembering to tune in once every seven days.

I REALLY want Danielle to win. I just adore her. She is so sweet and I think she has a good heart. I mean, I know she sorta started a relationship with Nick while she has/had a boyfriend on the outside, but I think that is just one of those things. I mean, they do seem like a really good match. I hope she and Nick get together after the show! I would LOVE to see that!

I can't imagine that her boyfriend is still thinking they will be together at this point. She and Nick didn't have any nasty shower scenes or anything, but they clearly connected on an emotional level. I am just so sad he is gone from the show.

I really dislike Eric. If that God-awful hair doesn't get me, the eyebrow will. I just really want him to go home.

If you don't know what I am talking about, you must tune in...SOON!

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Casey said...

I too am addicted to Big Brother, but my favorite player was booted last night... So long, Jensa... you're too cool for those bozo's anyway.

I dont like Dani... I sort of did at first but got over that pretty quick.

Please, people, get ED out of there :)