Wednesday, August 29, 2007

MDO Open House

Today was the Mother's Day Out open house. Phillip took the day off and we brought both girls to see just what Milesy would be experiencing. She went in there and played like a champ. We met her teacher and saw where she'll have her nap and snacks. They also did a little tour. I was familiar with the other stuff, but Phillip got to for the first time where Miles will be doing yoga, aerobics and zumba. Yeah, I said Zumba, as in the Latin dance. Can you even imagine? I just can't quit cracking up when I think about Miles doing yoga. She loves it. I just keep thinking that she is the kid who is going to toot really loud in front of everyone. You know what she will do if she does pass gas in front of them? She won't be ashamed. No. My child will simply say, "Scuse me! I tooted," and move on. That's Milesy for you. You try to teach them to always say excuse me and they learn to ALWAYS say excuse me. Maybe I should work on good old fashioned denial for in-public toots from now on, you think?

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