Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Nashville Zoo: Part 1

OK, so on June 16th, we took the girls to the zoo. It was an amazing day full of lots of first time excitement and leisure. It was unbearably hot but worth it.

The first exhibit that you pass as you enter is that of a few very large birds with long, blue feathers and short, orange beaks. Miles was extremely excited to see them, as they are similar to some in a Diego video. Anyway, as she stood near the rail (using her stroller seat as a step in order to see more easily), Miles began to call out to the birds in a loud piercing schreach. Kah Kaaaahhhhhhhhhhk! She yelled more than a few times; the birds never responded. She did not allow them to discourage her, though. Instead, she switched to her old old stand by. Just as proudly as she could, with her chest puffed out far and with no awareness of anyone around us at all, she raised her tiny hands to her mouth and bellowed, "Cock a doodle dooooooooooooo!" Repeatedly.

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