Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reasons to Choose Murfreesboro...

Someone challenged me to create a top ten list for moving to Murfreesboro. I ended up with a baker's dozen.

1.) Well-rounded community, not overtly just one genre of people
2.) Close to Nashville (35 mins.) but small town feel
3.) The schools are good and the teachers are usually vested in the community since they often went to MTSU.... See More
4.) MTSU football. Lots of tailgating and fun if you like that kind of thing!
5.) Plenty of choices for kids' sports leagues, plus adults can play softball, on dodgeball teams, cycling teams, etc. The city also has two sports facilities, Sports Com and Patterson Park, that have pools, workout equipment, classes and walking tracks.
6.) Greenway system is lovely and free to use. We have two large parks, Barfield and Seigel.
7.) Close proximity (30 to 60 mins) to lakes for boating, skiing, etc.
8.) We have a great library system and some local theatre groups.
9.) The mall, The Avenue and local shops mean you never have to drive out of town to do your shopping unless you are just adament about a specific store that we happen not to have, but we have plenty of all the big name choices and lots of locally owned shoppes.
10.) Cost of housing is very fair and much lower than Nashville or Franklin.
11.) Great local music scene. MTSU is a leading school internationally for recording industry, which means lots of buddin muscians around the 'boro.
12.) This community cares! We have a lot of philanthropic opportunities, like the Junior League of Murfreesboro.
13.) Less than an hour and a half to Chattanooga, which is a fabulous town for day trips.

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Chris and Emily said...

LOVE THIS!!!! Thanks for selling our wonderful area!